DI_Salva Co CEO Responds to ARKYD Planetary Resources Announcement

January 15, 2218





Capitol Sector AB12 2018.01.15 GALACTIC UNIVERSAL PRESS avc.
Salva Co CEO Leonardo Jenkins has released a formal response to the water mining research announcement from Planetary Resources on Friday stating “It will be a fabulous day when our talented team at Salva Co can work in collaboration with the brilliant minds at Planetary Resources to activate this proposed technology across our vast galactic operations. Water is an essential resource for human existence across worlds and our precious colonies must have stable sources to flourish. With this new technology from the ARKYD program at Planetary Resources; our ability to provide the galaxy with the resources they require to expand and live in prosperity will forever leave an everlasting mark of humanity and Salva Co’s ever helping hand. In partnership with Planetary Resources; we anticipate witnessing the achievements in technology they have brought about and anxiously await the revolution of space travel and colonization. Salva Co oath number 17: Working tirelessly to bring about an ever expanding horizon!”

There has been no direct response from Planetary Resources at this time nor is it clear that a formal partnership has been formed. However, credit markets have shown significant activity putting both Salva Co (GLX SVCO) and Planetary Resources (GLX PRCS) on a quick rise.

On request of anonymity industry insiders have voiced several possible motives underlying Jenkins’ response. Says one insider “While the Salva Co agenda may include the promise of stable colonization as Mr. Karlsson stated, it is entirely possible that the breakthrough in water mining would have a two fold impact that Salva Co would like nothing more than to be the first to benefit from”, our source continues “the ability to locally mine water from the very asteroids Salva Co is mining would allow them to lighten their life support payload of water based liquids by as much as one-third.”  The assertion is that by carrying less payload into the field, ships can travel faster and lighter and carry more payload back in the space formerly occupied by liquid life support supplies.  With an average G Class salvage ship currently able to carry a payload value of 32,000,000 etherium the increased payload capacity could raise that per load value to 44,800,000 etherium. Salva Co. carries over 25,000 payloads per year. The increased revenue would be staggering and highly lauded by investors.

Aside from the potential for carrying as much as two-fifths more valuable material, the burgeoning water mining trade would add a much needed boost to Salva Co and competing mining operations. Though valuation and logistics will need significant investment before becoming a reality.

We will continue to follow this developing story.

About Salva Co

Salva Co is headquartered in Capitol Sector AB12 and is the largest contract salvage company in the galaxy with over 540 bases in operation. Millions of tons of asteroid materials, metals, minerals, gems and reclaimed space waste are processed and sent out through Salva Co’s installations daily. Salva Co (SVCO) is traded publicly on the GLX credit market.