How did you get into gaming? (Athen)

From N64, PS1, Gameboy, Xbox, PS2, and PC; my friends and I grew up playing just about everything. As we grew up, so did the games in terms of immersion and capability.

What is your story when it comes to games?

Through high school, I was involved with many artistic facets. This soon blended over into my longstanding pass-time of video games. I found myself enjoying the games for more than just their mechanics and comradery it brought between my friends and I. The world each game brought to life fascinated me. It was almost as if each disc and cartridge held its own world; a living piece of art.
Naturally, I sought to learn the medium needed to expand into the creation of these worlds. Thus I moved to Chicago and complete a formal education. Although I learned more after graduation and meeting with the founder of Digital Iris, Seth Swanson, who brought me on as a contract environment artist in 2012.
From there, a couple years later I moved to Milwaukee to work more closely with Digital Iris and learn indie development first-hand and what it takes to make a game from scratch. Although I have witnessed many struggles and successes, this pursuit always leaves me wanting more.


One game you would recommend people to play and why?


Besides playing the amazing games of Butterfly Island on the android system and Salvo Space Repo upon launch from Digital Iris (wink wink); I have always been a fan of the
Fallout series and I would recommend them to anyone who hasn’t gotten a taste yet. The development of the world, factions of characters and art style is something I’ve always idolized. Even the early rts/ turn-based games of Fallout 1 and 2 offer a rich story and set a foundation that the later and more popular installments expand on.
Athen Jakusz – Environment Designer