How did you get into gaming? (Cale)

I was 8 years old when I was introduced by my sister, She got a Super Nintendo for her birthday. We played through Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country and a ton more. That was when I knew I was addicted and never stopped playing them since.

What is your story when it comes to games?

When it comes to stories for gaming I have so many but the one that stands out to this day is back from the original World of Warcraft. I was a big Warcraft fan, I’ve played since the beta back in 2014 but quit after Cataclysm came out. I miss it to this day. Spending months in AQ40 trying to get one boss down and when we finally did,  it was the greatest feeling that you and the other 39 players were able to defeat this boss. The screams through the Teamspeak were deafening, but also adding your screams to them!

One game you would recommend to people and why?

The one game I have played for going on 5 years now is an ARPG with endless content updates every few months, It’s called Path of Exile. I have been a big fan of Diablo and this game hits the mark. It’s content updates alone every 3-4 months that change the game is many different ways, like adding new areas, new types of gear, and events. If you liked Diablo or any ARPG you need to check out this game.


Cale Toburen – Associate Programmer