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So they tell me you want to be a Salvo. Sure about that? You know, being a Salvo you travel across the universe to find spots of potential right? That’s months of traveling between sectors.  Hard labor. Dangerous. Once you’re there you’re hopping out into absolute nothingness drifting from asteroid to asteroid, from salvage to salvage…and sometimes, sometimes you’ll need to fight for what’s yours. Never underestimate the usefulness of a well aimed Beacon.

As contract galactic Salvagers for SalvaCo, an intergalactic mining corporation, you must swiftly gather as many of the resources SalvaCo requests as possible. The period to acquire the assets is short and competitive. Contractors for SalvaCo have been known to clash against each other and even fight for the bounty that is ripe for the picking in the zero gravity deep space salvage zones. The race is on to earn fortunes and glory amongst the infinite amounts of resource rich asteroids lining the galaxies.
The largest contract salvage company. The bases are the size of small moons and millions of tons of scrap and raw metal are processed and sent out through Salva Co’s installations daily. They have deep pockets and their contractors are well paid but have little will to salvage where they want.
A group that split from Salva Co. Their bases are in deep space operations where regulations are less enforced. Their contractors are given a larger share but are forced to use their own equipment. Vector Co. supplies are more affordable and are not taxed so that smaller space colonies can be constructed more affordably.
A company established by rogue miners. It is one for all and all for one in this company.  They have no boundaries and are an aggressive company that pirate their salvage from other companies asteroid fields and sell it back to shadowy operations for large amounts of money.


Mass Driver, Op Corps, Demo Unit or Surveyor or M.O.D. Unit if you are a Crew. Each gets the job done with their unique skills and tools. To be successful you’ll have to match your strategy and Class.

Mass Driver

Generalist Class that is commonly contracted by SalvaCo. The Mass Driver is equipped to bring in large masses of material at once. The Mass Driver has higher Energy but longer recovery on Shield and Energy.

Primary Tool: Pulsator Beacon Spike

A larger version of the normal Beacon that once deployed set off, an EMP to wipe any hostile Beacons off of the target asteroid and sends the target back to the Anchor at a fast rate.

Demo Unit

Salvager’s explosives and demolition experts. Demo Unit heaviest Class that uses heavy armor and tools that cause asteroids to deconstruct and explode. Demolition has high Shield but low movement and Jetpack speed.

Primary Tool: Sonic Resonator Drill

The Demolition’s gadget. Once deployed onto an asteroid the platform sends a resonating drill into the asteroid that uses frequency to cause the asteroid to crack and fall apart sorting the asteroid’s material into more manageable chunks.


Technical class that normally works with transport of assets. The Operator is equipped with advance technology and the transport of salvage at a quick pace. The Op Corps has more Energy but less Shield.

Primary Tool: Graviton Vortex Deployer

The Op Corps’ gadget. On deployment it activates a gravitational vortex that sucks in small asteroids  and compacts them into a larger asteroid for convenience instead of transporting several smaller loads.


The Surveyor’s Gadget let’s them see inside potential salvage. They’ll tell you if there are valuables inside or potential damage from explosives or corrosive materials.

Primary Tools: Salvage Composition Scanner

With this device, the salvager scans an asteroid to determine its material composition, contents and any hazards it may contain. The player can see without a doubt what the asteroid contains and where the team needs to focus their attention for gathering salvage.  

Team Play

If the team during a multiplayer match utilizes each class they will receive bonuses for working together. Always having one member of each class in a game is highly recommended.

Primary Tools: Each Class represented on a Team will wield their respective Primary Tools.



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