How did you get into gaming? (Jeremy)

My first video game was Star Fox 64 and as soon as I began playing, I experienced feelings and an excitement that was new to me. Since then, my life has been surrounded by video games and technology that led me to my career as a game developer.

What is your story when it comes to games?

A sprawling and living world is my favorite thing in video games. I love open world sandbox games because of their sense of freedom, exploration, and experimentation. Many games I design actually start as open worlds as their foundation and slowly the design comes together and the scope is trained on the core gameplay.

One game you would recommend to people and why?

Games that everyone can play are somewhat hard to find in the current market. But without a doubt, a game I would recommend for everyone is Minecraft. It is such an immersive open world game that anyone can pick up, play and enjoy.


Jeremy Drudy – Designer